Project 365: 115-121

day 115: staring contest
day 116: do-wah-doo
day 117: tassel
day 118: mugcake
day 119: one little word
day 120: baking dishes
day 121: leaving on a jet plane
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the 2nd photo with the heart pins made it to #22 on flickr's explore (the most interesting/popular photos for the day), so that was pretty exciting. :D

this week's theme for '52 weeks' was "things in flight". i didn't want to take a picture of a bird (that's pretty hard) and i originally wanted to do bubbles but mom threw away my bubble fluid (sad). sooooo i made my sister throw a paper airplane all over the backyard. here's a composite of one it's "takeoffs":

week 7: flight
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Sandy a la Mode said...

love that heart photo and the airplane one too!! i wanted to take a pic of a bird in flight today too but i agree it's really hard, mine would just turn out really blurry!!

julianne. said...

oh my god that dog.
beautiful pictures.<3

Marie said...

Lovely photos and I like the 2nd one the best.:D

I tagged and gave you a blogger award, btw.:D Come check my blog!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Robyn said...

22! That's awesome. These pictures are all lovely. I may even add a few to my inspiration folder. Good luck with the bird.