i take it in stride, one day at a time

details: yellow polka-dot cami (pink, victoria's secret), gray cardigan (gap), black skinny jeans (f21), brown gem sandals (payless), daisy necklace (juicy couture), black bow ring (f21)

i went to forever 21, not intending to buy anything (whoops) and walked out with a bunch of rings. they had new bow rings, okay? and i almost bought the plastic one in all 4 colors (and the big fat silver one)...

...but i showed (a little) restraint and bought 2.

plastic bow rings ($2.80 USD each at forever 21)

...and a bunny ring. it was just so weird and quirky, that i wanted to get it too.

bunny ring ($6.80 USD)

i didn't spend more than $14, so i don't feel too guilty. but who am i kidding? i'm pretty sure if they still have the mint green and white (and silver) when i go back, i'll end up buying those too.

sigh. oh, forever 21.

in other news, i did a bow swap with the awesomely talented, crochet-mastermind miss belen! she's the one i got my pretty crocheted flower headbands from, so be sure to check out her shop.

i almost didn't want to open her package at first, because it was just so pretty. she loves exchanging mail, so ask her about it if you're interested! :) she puts a lot of care into her packages.

here's the blue crocheted hair bow she sent me! isn't it beautiful? the color was much prettier in person and i can't wait to wear it! you can get a similar one from her shop here, and she has other colors available as well.

if any of you guys make bows, e-mail me if you'd like to do a bow swap! i did one with maria of lulu letty too. i like the idea of sending handmade bows to each other...it's fun seeing the different styles and fabrics others use. and they're bows. you know how obsessed i am about bows.

anyway, i'll be gone for a couple of days! i'm going with the best friend to visit her brother at Cal Poly SLO, so i'll be back on saturday (eep! i still need to finish packing for my europe trip >_< ). take care!


Maxie said...

if there was a f21 here in Belgium I would IMMEDIATELY go bying that bunny ring, soooo great!! Too bad we have no f21

your orange polkadot top is gorgeous and so you!

Ebony said...

Hehe! If I had seen those bow rings I would have immediately thought of you :)

Love the colour on your nails pretty lady!
Can't wait to see you wearing that blue bow in your hair - it's gorgeous!


Melanie said...

I really like your look here. Very casual and cute. :) The bow swap is such a great idea!

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Sandy a la Mode said...

i REALLY love your outfit here! it's soo casual and chic. those forever jeans fit you soo well too! awww, i would love to be a part of a bow swap some day.. i've only made one type of bow, a fabric one and i love it! it's perfect for belts and headbands! i haven't figured out what the best way to adhere it to a headband is, i guess glue?? hmm i should make some more and master them first!! oh erica, everytime i go to your blog you make me love bows even more and more! oh and the blue color of that crochet bow you got is soo LOVELY!

Absolutely Ladylike said...

You look so pretty...and I love those plastic bow rings and the bunny ring...how lovely!

Cheers: Evi

Caitlin said...

I think yellow & grey is my fav color combo. I hope you have fun with friends!

Jen said...

i love yellow and gray combined, you look so lovely! :)

and ahhh i love doing swaps with other bloggers! the packaging is adorable.

Chickything said...

Suddenly, you're looking so grown up. Love this outfit! Oh and the rings, just divine.
I want to do the swap with you? How does that work?

Ken said...

u love bows dont u?

Sarah said...

cute bow! I love your nail polish color! It really stands out!

Shelley Ann said...

ive never seen those bow rings from f21! adorable! and i really like your nail polish...its perfect for summer!

Fashion Meets Food said...

absolutely love your top! The F21 by me never has any bow stuff.


fhen said...

Your top is adorable!
that bunny ring is so pretty,, i wanntt
have a great weekend xoxo

Belen said...

yay! i can't wait to see what outfit you decided to wear it with! i'm alllllways wearing yours! seriously! i'm in love! and i most definitely look forward to another swap! :D