i take it in stride, one day at a time

details: yellow polka-dot cami (pink, victoria's secret), gray cardigan (gap), black skinny jeans (f21), brown gem sandals (payless), daisy necklace (juicy couture), black bow ring (f21)

i went to forever 21, not intending to buy anything (whoops) and walked out with a bunch of rings. they had new bow rings, okay? and i almost bought the plastic one in all 4 colors (and the big fat silver one)...

...but i showed (a little) restraint and bought 2.

plastic bow rings ($2.80 USD each at forever 21)

...and a bunny ring. it was just so weird and quirky, that i wanted to get it too.

bunny ring ($6.80 USD)

i didn't spend more than $14, so i don't feel too guilty. but who am i kidding? i'm pretty sure if they still have the mint green and white (and silver) when i go back, i'll end up buying those too.

sigh. oh, forever 21.

in other news, i did a bow swap with the awesomely talented, crochet-mastermind miss belen! she's the one i got my pretty crocheted flower headbands from, so be sure to check out her shop.

i almost didn't want to open her package at first, because it was just so pretty. she loves exchanging mail, so ask her about it if you're interested! :) she puts a lot of care into her packages.

here's the blue crocheted hair bow she sent me! isn't it beautiful? the color was much prettier in person and i can't wait to wear it! you can get a similar one from her shop here, and she has other colors available as well.

if any of you guys make bows, e-mail me if you'd like to do a bow swap! i did one with maria of lulu letty too. i like the idea of sending handmade bows to each other...it's fun seeing the different styles and fabrics others use. and they're bows. you know how obsessed i am about bows.

anyway, i'll be gone for a couple of days! i'm going with the best friend to visit her brother at Cal Poly SLO, so i'll be back on saturday (eep! i still need to finish packing for my europe trip >_< ). take care!