climb the wall to make the sun rise in time

details: black/red striped dress (lux, urban outfitters), black belt (f21), black sandals (classified), chunky gold charm bracelet (betsey johnson)

i forgot to mention that me and my best friend, clarrisa tried the cupcakes from 'crumbs' at the americana last friday! i got the grasshopper (mint chocolate chip) and red velvet, and she got a cosmo and something else, but i forgot what it was (sorry).

anyway, they were really good! and the cupcakes are HUGE. they have really inventive flavors and the cake is perfectly moist. they're also nice to look at (and they definitely don't skimp on the frosting or sprinkles either). yum!

thanks, nina, for recommending that place! we'll definitely be returning. :D

ohhh graduation is SATURDAY! ahhh.

me and my friends had a grad cap decorating day last sunday (here's a peek. i still need to make the bow):

i'm excited because a bunch of my friends that graduated last year/the year before will be visiting (kelsey, nathalie, nixia). i'm so happy because i haven't seen them in months.

i'm weirdly anxious about the whole thing...even though i've been done with classes since december. i think it's just the idea of it being official? i don't know.

and i still have no idea what i'm wearing. ugh.


Sandy a la Mode said...

ohhh i LOVE the corner decorations on your cap, it's super cute!! and those cupcakes look YUMMY, i want some, bad!

Mo said...

oo im so excited for you !! oughta be GREAT !!

Chickything said...

Well, you're very welcome Erica! And oh my! that red dress is amazing! I love it on you. And good luck to the big day! Congratulations!

Victoria-H said...

Aww Thanks hehe.
Oo I know, the weather now is just awesome ! I looove it !
And what a nice dress !! I like it ^^

Abby Kihano said...

cute outfit!
oh em gee! and you tried crumbs!? sooo good! try DOTS next time and get their red velvet cupcake ^_^


loving all of it !!!

Couture said...

Very nice outfit! Love your sandals! Those cupcakes looks so delicious! Hope you have a great graduation day saturday ;-)

Chasing Cherries said...

Great dress & love the jewelry!

Melanie said...

You look amazing in that dress... I really like your bracelet, too! I absolutely NEED a cupcake now. Thanks a lot. ;) Congrats on your upcoming graduation! I can't believe mine was a YEAR ago. Time flies.

Melanie @Unravelled Threads
My custom elastic waistband skirt giveaway ends Saturday!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

This dress is so pretty and looks absolutely STUNNING on you. And I love your bracelet. Fabulous! xoxo

Fashion Meets Food said...

I had so much fun when I decorated my grad cap! I love your dress and your bracelet is too cute! I love betsey!


Meg said...

Your cap is so adorable, Erica -- love your name on there! And the bow will be perfect!

My sister decorated hers with red leopard-print ribbon and rhinestones, haha -- the better to spot in her in a sea of thousands of black caps on May 21! :)

Jacque said...

I adore your red and black striped dress!! It looks so comfy and really elegant at the same time!! Those cupcakes look delicious! I'm really craving cupcakes now! Your graduation cap looks so cute!! That is such an awesome idea to personalize it! I'm excited for you that you are graduating!! Such a big step!! Happy weekend!!

magpie said...

I love your striped red dressss!! And those sandals are so cute- I used to have ones similar! They broke, however. Haha :)

Your cap is so cute!!! That's such a good makes me want to make mine my own :)

ee! I'm so excited to graduate :)

Gi_K. said...

cute dress, like the sandals!

fhen said...

Love your bracelet!
ah the cupcakes make me hungry


julianne. said...

that dress is ahmazing,
and you look so ahhmazing in to.
gorgeous thing! <3

Maxie said...

hi sweetie
i've been away for a week and i've already missed reading your blog :D
love your smile on these pics
and your floral bubble dress in the post below!!!
have a fantastic sunday!

Namine said...

HELLO!!! Cute dress!! I have something for you on my book blog

Melissa said...

gorgeous jewlery! yum cupcakes!!!