between two lungs

details: pink silk camisole (can't remember, sorry. got it from dillard's), bow belt (f21), cream tulle tiered tutu skirt (papaya), white flip-flops (guess)

this outfit is from last friday (i know, i'm a bit behind! i just have so much to say, so bear with me please). i wore it to my friends' animation showcase, which was really cool. i was very impressed by the films they made for their senior year! there's so much hard work that goes into them, and it showed.

student film posters

after the showcase, the other erica shared some chocolate cake (what can i say? ericas just like to bake) with everyone and it was delicious!

yummy cake made by my friend, erica

then i headed to korean bbq with some of my other friends (yum! i hadn't had korean bbq since my friend nixia graduated last year!). it was a good day, and definitely a fun way to celebrate before graduation.

Kelsey, me & Mark

Everyone! :)

unrelated: my blogging bff valencia celebrated her 20th birthday last week on the 5th. she bought a custom dress from me to wear for her birthday (you might remember it from this project 365 post) and i collaborated with her on it. it was my first time making a backless dress, and i think it turned out well.

i will be making a couple of dresses in this style for my shop when i get back from europe, in addition to others! i've neglected etsy the past couple of weeks in the graduation rush, but i can't wait to start making new things again. :)

and thanks so much for all the sweet comments in my previous grad post! you guys are awesome and i can't stress that enough.

credits: korean bbq pictures taken by my friend kryzzalia,
1st dress picture from valencia's blog


sharonlei said...

I really love that backless dress!! It's so adorable. :) Oooo and Korean BBQ.. my fav.. we're having a little Bibimbap party at work next week. I can't wait. Hope you're doing great Erica!

xx Love & Aloha

Couture said...

Cute outfit!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Cute outfits!!! It's true Erica's do like to bake :]


julianne. said...

i lllove that outfit.
you look too freekinadorable you classything.<3
and i love that last dress design.
tottttally adorable.<3

Melanie said...

You look like a beautiful ballerina! And that backless dress is phenom. I really need to check out your DIYs.
Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww i really love your backless dress!!! and of course the bow adds a nice touch to it!! your bow belt from f21 is super cute too, but i think you can totally make an even cuter one!! i learned how to make a bow the other day too, so now i'm excited to make belts, headbands, ANYTHING with it!

Victoria-H said...

Hehe, yaa gotta love the beach eh ! :)
Awww you look sooo pretty !! How fun !

Free Pretty Things For You said...

aww you look super pretty!

Ken said...

the top of that looks lingerie, and the bottom a ballerina

keke you can tiptoe across the bedroom~!

Belen said...

that last dress is seriously bomb(dot)com. i love the backless-ness and the bow! oh bows! :D