best friend adventures: cal poly san luis obispo

me (right) and the best friend (left)

my best friend clarrisa needed to bring pots & pans to her younger brother (no, really lol. a couple of his roommates moved out and took their stuff back), who goes to school in san luis obispo. she hates driving long distances by herself and invited me along to keep her company. we decided to make a mini vacation out of it while we were there!

we picked up cupcakes (clarrisa got strawberry and i tried the honey bunny) and cannolis from nadia cakes (of course!) before heading up north. it was our first time trying cannolis, and i liked them a lot! the filling was light and fluffy, and the shell crispy and sweet.

strawberry cupcake, honey bunny cupcake, cannolis

honey bunny cupcake

after we stopped for lunch and cupcakes, we started on our drive up north (about 3 hours). we kept ourselves occupied with lots of talking, accompanied by my ipod. when we arrived, emmanuel took us around the farmer's market before eating dinner at firestone.

the next day, clarrisa's brother made us breakfast and gave us a tour of the campus. it's a really nice school, much larger than the one i went to.

poly canyon village

me and clarrisa in front of the meat sign

then we had lunch at the splash cafe (they had the clam chowder, and i had a sun-shaped pizza). the splash cafe has fresh breads and baked goods! so delicious.

clam chowder in sourdough bread bowl

tomato and cheese pizza

we also drove through the madonna inn just to get a peek. clarrisa and emmanuel were excited to see it because it was featured on 'the girls next door', haha.

then we went to pismo beach (not for long, it was cold!) and drove back to san luis obispo.

emmanuel, clarrisa and me at pismo beach

when we got back to SLO, we saw "iron man 2" and "how to train your dragon" at the sunset drive-in. so cool! $6 for a double feature. it was my first time at a drive-in, and i though it was really fun, not to mention almost half the price of a matinee showing in santa clarita (and that's just for one movie!). definitely a great experience.

sunset drive-in

clarrisa and i just got back home today. overall, it was a really fun trip and we enjoyed hanging out with her younger brother (plus, he cooked breakfast and took care of us, so that was really sweet). mini vacations are awesome. i'm really tired though and still need to finish packing for europe (we leave super early monday morning).

also, i want to thank namine for this book blogger neighbor award! :)

how has everyone been? hope your weekend has been amazing so far!


Belen said...

*drools a lot*

that clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl looks oh so yummy. the only place i ever get it at is Panera or the place at disneyland around the new orleans and pirates area. sooo deelish. i need to go get me some the next time im out at dland.

wait! i don't need to go to dland! i JUST mentioned panera, which i live like 2 miles from, haha. mmm!

Ken said...

have u had clam chowder in pismo beach? it is awesome there

Maxie said...

wow looks like a fun day!
i've never been to a drive-in movie before :o so cool

Melissa said...

yummy food! haha!

Ebony said...

So much amazing food!
Haha, I am eating healthy but I did make cupcakes on the weekend to take to football to share with the girls, they cancelled on me (some friends!?) so I ended up eating half of them myself. I am yet to work out how to add flavouring too them without it tasting fake and yuck. Might have to blend up some banana :D

Anyway back to my pt. I LOVE bread bowls, and pizza, and cupcakes. This mini holiday/road trip looks like a lot of fun! Glad you had a great time Erica xxx

Sandy a la Mode said...

you had such an amazing food weekend erica!! first i was drooling over those delicious cupcakes... we don't really have any good cupcakes places in KC, can you believe it? i need to open one up, seriously! and then you had me at that bread bowl and then the totally cool pizza, can i come hang out w/ you and be your best friend?? =)

Shelley Ann said...

i wish i would have been on that trip! it sounds amazing! time with friends, good food, good movies...ahh the perfect way to spend a couple of days!

Chickything said...

I've been wanting to go to a drive in for years. I've never been into one. Your weekend was so awesome!

Chickything said...

wow and Europe!Lucky girl!

t said...

Those cupcakes look so good!