all limbs and love absurd

details: floral bubble dress (tracy feith for target), pale pink cardigan (heritage, f21), cream linen bow slingbacks (american eagle, payless)

yessss! it's starting to get to that point where i can wear shorts and dresses more. this dress is really fun and i'm glad i got it on sale at target when i did. i just checked out the zac posen stuff at my local target, but they didn't have much (and i didn't really like the stuff they did have).

jennifer of prom mafia named me "bombshell blogger of the month"! i'm so honored to be featured on her blog. it's more than just prom-stuff--it features a lot of style tips too. please check it out here.

also, mel gave me a couple of awards (thanks, mel!!). i've already received/given the sunshine award before, but the happiness award is a new one. i get to list 10 things that make me happy.

10 things that make me happy
  1. my dog, bojangles
  2. ice blended coffee and green tea drinks
  3. shopping
  4. ghost stories
  5. reading before i go to bed
  6. taking jumping pictures
  7. watching the food network
  8. making mugcakes
  9. gossiping with my friends
  10. painting my nails unconventional colors
i'd like to give this to sandy and julianne, a couple of blogs that make me happy!

thank you marie, for giving me the "stylish blogger award"! for this award, i get to share 5 random facts about myself and pass it on.

  1. i like doing other peoples' makeup for fun
  2. shopping with friends is fun, but i prefer going by myself
  3. i really like watching 'the simpsons'! never gets old
  4. i love chocolate chip cookies, but i hate baking them
  5. i can write, mirror images of text. i used to do this in high school when i'd write notes to my friends and they'd need mirrors to read them.
i'd like to pass this on to mo and maxie, two of my favorite stylish bloggers!

sorry for being a bit quieter the past week. getting ready for graduation and europe has made me a bit busier/anxious-er than usual! hope everyone is doing well! :)


Marie said...

You're welcome and that is a very darling outfit.:D I like the dress!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

sharonlei said...

I remember wanting that dress from Target, but it was "too short".. hee hee. Looks great on you though! :) Congrats on the feature and the awards sweetie!

xx Love & Aloha

Fashion Meets Food said...

You look absolutely beautiful in that dress! I never can find the cute stuff at Target.


Melanie said...

You're so cute! I love the dress on you--the cut and color are PERFECTION. Congrats on your blog awards! You totally deserve them :)

Melanie @Unravelled Threads
Don't forget to enter my custom elastic waistband skirt giveaway!

Mo said...

woooaa thank you SOOO much !! im really touched !!!!! and you look lovely, as usual ;-)

Victoria-H said...

That dress is TOO cute and you are TOO adorable ! :)

Chickything said...

This is probably my most favorite outfit of yours! You look very pretty in floral and dainty colors. It fits you so well!

Ken said...

pretty dress
u can do a curtsy in that!

Sandy a la Mode said...

congrats on the awards girl! and thanks for tagging me, i'm sooo honored!!! =) your blog makes me totally happy too!! your dress is soo soo adorable and i can't believe i didn't see that at target.. i need to drop everything and go right now, LOL! i really love the cute pink cardigan you paired with it as well you stylish grad u!

Aurelia Lyana said...

you look very beautiful erica! :) as always teehee!

Jennifer said...

You sure get a lot of awards! :)