you wear what you eat

and perhaps, you are what you wear? or maybe what you eat is what you wear? whatever.

food-related clothing and accessories always make me excited. i mean, they're two of my favorite things (food and fashion) combined into something you can incorporate into your personal style. how genius is that? here are some of my favorite food-related items on etsy, starting with this awesome cuts of meat dress by I'm Your Present (i just bought one and can't wait to wear it!):

Creme Cuts of Meat Dress
$52 USD | Buy from ImYourPresent

Neapolitan Cupcake Scarf

USD | Buy from KellyzKreationz

Burger Pin with Cheese
$8.50 USD | Buy from Bennyville

Breakfast, Brunch, and Brinner Jewelry Set
$12 USD | Buy from ClosetoYourHeart

Leather Fortune Cookie Pouch
$27 USD | Buy from Bambina

Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Barrette
$8.50 USD | Buy from GoldilocksBarrettes

Taco Time Pouch
$11 USD | Buy from ItyBityBags

Pretzel Print Skirt
$45 USD | Buy from CarrotCake

well. i just made myself hungry. lots of quirky cuteness that's good enough to eat (but don't), yes?

sorry for the lack of outfits this week. i promise i actually wore clothes and got out of the house, but they were mostly lazy outfits. you know how that is.


Maxie said...

hi dear thanks for sending me those classring pictures ;) I totally understand it now haha. It's true they are quite chunky and maybe not worth all the money

first dress is so unique!

babalisme said...

LOL, ohmy god! the meat dress!! Agonizing funny!

Chickything said...

love the burger pin!

Sarah said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the comment and follow! Right back atcha! ;)

Interesting post. I'm a big fan of the fortune cookie pouch. At first I thought it said "couch" and got really excited, but then I realized that had nothing to do with fashion xD

Anyways I see that you're doing a project 365? I've been wanting to do that for a while now. Hopefully when the stress goes away I'll start soon.

I guess it's time for me to shut up now though! :)


Sandy a la Mode said...

lol, that meat dress is hilarious haha! the pretzel skirt is actually pretty cute, maybe b/c of the big bow on it! =P have a lovely weekend my friend!

T-Charry said...

the Fortune Cookie pouches...I would rock in a SECOND!
And the dress you bought...GOO CHOICE! CUTE!

NayaJ said...

The first one is so cute! You can help but smile. Love your blog btw!

Meg said...

I'm definitely hungry now, too! Love the cake pin, especially -- PINK!

Hayley said...

Awww everything is so wonderful! Especially the burger pin and strawberry shortcake barrette!! :)