you wear what you eat

and perhaps, you are what you wear? or maybe what you eat is what you wear? whatever.

food-related clothing and accessories always make me excited. i mean, they're two of my favorite things (food and fashion) combined into something you can incorporate into your personal style. how genius is that? here are some of my favorite food-related items on etsy, starting with this awesome cuts of meat dress by I'm Your Present (i just bought one and can't wait to wear it!):

Creme Cuts of Meat Dress
$52 USD | Buy from ImYourPresent

Neapolitan Cupcake Scarf

USD | Buy from KellyzKreationz

Burger Pin with Cheese
$8.50 USD | Buy from Bennyville

Breakfast, Brunch, and Brinner Jewelry Set
$12 USD | Buy from ClosetoYourHeart

Leather Fortune Cookie Pouch
$27 USD | Buy from Bambina

Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Barrette
$8.50 USD | Buy from GoldilocksBarrettes

Taco Time Pouch
$11 USD | Buy from ItyBityBags

Pretzel Print Skirt
$45 USD | Buy from CarrotCake

well. i just made myself hungry. lots of quirky cuteness that's good enough to eat (but don't), yes?

sorry for the lack of outfits this week. i promise i actually wore clothes and got out of the house, but they were mostly lazy outfits. you know how that is.