Project 365: 94-100

wooo! i already made it to day 100. awesome. i'm surprised i haven't given up already. here's to 265 more days! view the complete set on flickriver.

the theme for the '52 weeks' project was sports, which i had trouble interpreting (being completely un-athletic and all). then i remembered i had an awesome miniature bowling set that my sister gave me. and there you go: photo #2! :)


Ken said...

wat a cute croqueted rabbit

your photographs is always so nice~

i actually graduated from ucsb in 2007

maybe i know her!

Perfect Fit Crochet said...

I love the rabbit as well, so cute!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i'm so proud that you made it to day 100, i probably would have already given up by now, LOL! well... i'm thinking about trying to do the photo a day thing starting next january... once i'm better at photography!! i love how you always ice your cupcakes soo perfectly, i need A LOT of help with mine! maybe i will take a cake decorating class one day hehe! love the miniature bowling set and how white the background is as well as the lace heart!! hope you had a wonderful weekend dear!

Couture said...

The rabbit is so cute!

Maxie said...

lol @last picture you're so cute
the mini bowling set is so cool