pour l'amour des petits gâteaux!

okay, so i was craving cupcakes and finally decided to make some. i've been making mugcakes all week for breakfast, trying to experiment with other flavors (green tea: still need to work on it; coffee: really good!) and figure out how to balance the sugar/flour/timing so it doesn't turn out so hard/weird/bumpy. i think i finally perfected it:

i'll share my version (and the others, once i perfect those too!) soon. this one wasn't very..."photographable" lol.

...but it's still not the same as freshly baked cake! i just used a red velvet boxed mix that mom got me from tjmaxx. i didn't feel like (making) icing today, so i just sifted some powdered white sugar and sprinkles on top. oh! and i finally got to use the cupcake tree that mom bought me when they were on their way home from vegas and stopped at the williams-sonoma outlet:

thanks for everyone who entered the giveaway so far (especially the re-tweeters! you guys are persistent). i wish everyone the best of luck! you have until saturday to enter.

what's your favorite cake flavor? i love red velvet with cream cheese icing...oh, and the vanilla funfetti cake mix from pillsbury, lol. those are the best.

(and before i forget, the title translates into "for the love of cupcakes!" haha) ;)


Ken said...

thats like half brownie half cupcake

could u make me some~?

Ebony said...

It feels like forever since we've had a chat. I have a long weekend coming up so I'll send you a nice long email :)

I've never had red velvet cake but I've heard it's the new macaroons (which is the old cupcake) haha. Totally quoting a magazine there I think... I would love to try it.
These look so good!

Oh man now I'm hungry. I might make some more cupcakes on the weekend. You are such a bad influence on non-sporty me at the moment (The netball courts are being re-done here and I haven't played any sport, besides that footy game in almost 2months!)

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

sharonlei said...

My fav is Pillsbury Funfetti too! Box cakemix rocks!! That mugcake sounds/looks pretty awesome. I must give it a try!... oooo and red velvet cuppies.. delish... gosh, I have drool all over me now! ha ha ha.

xx Love & Aloha

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Melanie said...

Thanks so much for the mugcake recipe! What an ingenious idea!! These look delicious. Red velvet is also my favorite! I like carrot cake with cream cheese icing, too. As a matter of fact, I just made a funfetti cake over the weekend. Mmmm <3


Jen said...

red velvet with cream cheese frosting is DEFINITELY my all time favorite. and how adorable are those cupcakes you made? almost had me fooled it was valentine's day haha :)

Emilie Lynne said...

I gotta know how to make that little chocolate cake... Mmmm... It sounds easy enough for me to do... Microwaves!

Chickything said...

I can't choose between the green tea and this, they are equally beautiful but this would be perfect for the tea party we'll be having for Saturday. It reminds me of the red queen!

I just love your cupcakes so much!

Caitlin said...

Yummy! For some reason I love cupcakes much more than cake.

krissy maroons said...

i honestly like to keep it simple ... Yellow mix with chocolate frosting with sprinkles is the best ♥ man now i want cupcakes.

I need to try it with powered sugar next time because my bf hates frosting ... weird huh? hehe.

Valerie said...

Erica, these look amazing! They look so professionally done. I'm impressed! I'd love a red velvet cupcake right now. Have a great weekend.


Meg said...

Oh wow, we so share the cupcake love! Love the red velvet. And funfetti is amazing... especially with the white funfetti icing, too! I think my favorites are probably yellow cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles! :)

I've spent the better part of the morning looking for delicious cupcake recipes to try out. Spencer and I will be giving chai latte cupcakes a try tonight! Or maybe key lime. Or possibly "hot chocolate" with these vanilla piped-on marshmellows. Oh, the possibilities... hehe!

Neekoh said...

Call me crazy, but I'm a sucker for carrot cake. Although, red velvet is also insanely delicious :)

Live Love LA

Tinja said...

Yummy! And the hearts are soooo cute! :)


Rebel Mel said...

I can't wait to see the mugcakes! It's something I have always wanted to try, but never got around to doing!

Red velvet is my favorite. I also love carrot cake. And yellow cake.

Your post is up on my blog!

Mo said...

so you speak french !!

those cupcakes are amazingly cute !!
im afraid i didnt try enough to say which taste is the best...I love peanut butter or raspberry of course !

Sandy a la Mode said...

i love making inverted sugar hearts! it makes the cupcakes look soo pretty! red velvet with cream cheese frosting is my absolute favorite too!!! but really, i could pretty much eat ANY cupcake and be quite happy b/c they are just too stinking cute, hehe!! and i really need to get one of those cupcake trees for serving... for now, i have my liberty of london tray!! =) have a great weekend sweetie!

Robyn said...

Oh my goodness. I would trade my first born for a cupcake right now. Not really... maybe really. I don't know. Those look amazing.

Melissa said...

oh my! those cupcakes look tooo good! I'm jealous of how perfect they all look! my cupcakes always end up wonky at the top and i have even them out with masses of chocolate or icing (which isnt a bad thing i guess) haha!
LOVE your blog!!

Beth said...

Those are amazingly cute. And kind of want to eat every single one of them right now. lol So what's the final perfected recipe on the mugcakes? :)