pour l'amour des petits gâteaux!

okay, so i was craving cupcakes and finally decided to make some. i've been making mugcakes all week for breakfast, trying to experiment with other flavors (green tea: still need to work on it; coffee: really good!) and figure out how to balance the sugar/flour/timing so it doesn't turn out so hard/weird/bumpy. i think i finally perfected it:

i'll share my version (and the others, once i perfect those too!) soon. this one wasn't very..."photographable" lol.

...but it's still not the same as freshly baked cake! i just used a red velvet boxed mix that mom got me from tjmaxx. i didn't feel like (making) icing today, so i just sifted some powdered white sugar and sprinkles on top. oh! and i finally got to use the cupcake tree that mom bought me when they were on their way home from vegas and stopped at the williams-sonoma outlet:

thanks for everyone who entered the giveaway so far (especially the re-tweeters! you guys are persistent). i wish everyone the best of luck! you have until saturday to enter.

what's your favorite cake flavor? i love red velvet with cream cheese icing...oh, and the vanilla funfetti cake mix from pillsbury, lol. those are the best.

(and before i forget, the title translates into "for the love of cupcakes!" haha) ;)