meilleures amies

best friend adventures in good 'ol californ-i-ay

i spent friday and saturday with my best friend, clarrisa. we've known each other since before we were 2 years old, grew up a couple streets away from one another, and were practically inseparable until my family moved 3 years ago. we don't get to hang out that often, so this was much needed.

me and clarrisa

the purpose of this "bff day"--as we like to call them--was to hit up sprinkles, the famous cupcake place in beverly hills.

...and honestly, (maybe it was all the hype? perhaps our expectations were too high? maybe we were just sad that we had to wait in a really long line that went past the entrance?) the cupcakes weren't as good as we thought they'd be. i got red velvet and vanilla with chocolate frosting sprinkles. they were okay, but i wish they had put more frosting on top.

i much prefer nadia cakes in palmdale. their cupcakes are prettier, moister, taste better, and less expensive too! plus, they have a wider variety of flavors which change every day. oh well. at least we got to experience this trendy l.a. place, you know?

after we got cupcakes, we walked around rodeo drive and all the fancy shops. it wasn't busy at all, which was good because it's usually filled with tourists.

after we got tired wandering around the streets, we couldn't remember how to get back to where we had parked, near sprinkles. we were walking around for about a half hour, lost, but clarrisa's gps on her phone helped us, haha.

clarrisa in front of the fountain at the americana

we also went to the americana in glendale which is always fun (and always crowded!) to eat dinner at the cheesecake factory. yum! no pictures of the food, just the drinks (i had a peach bellini and she had some strawberries & cream thing that tasted really weird). we were way too hungry to remember to snap pictures of our actual food when it came.

me & my bellini; clarrisa & her strawberries and cream

my outfit from the day:

details: black and white striped tank (kensiegirl), black cardigan (old navy), red bow belt (f21), gray skirt (kensiegirl), black flats (american eagle, payless), gray beret (leosroar, etsy)

also, i reached 200 followers! yay! thanks so much for following. i'll be preparing the giveaway very soon and it should be announced on monday. :D stay tuned! love you guys.


Rebel Mel said...

Cant wait until the giveaway! I've never won one before! or done one, for that matter. I am planning on hosting one soon, so watch out. If I ever come to cali (somewhere I have never been) you better believe you are going to be my tour guide!

Belen said...

i was supposed to visit Sprinkles when i went out with my buds to visit the (500) days bench! sigh, i really wanna go!

Couture said...

Looks like you had a great day! Love your belt!

Mo said...

looks like a perfect day ! love the belt and skirt !

Maxie said...

such a cool and inspiring post! I also want to go to LA some day. But I think I'll skip Sprinkles ;) haha

yiqin; said...

I like your belt :D

Ebony said...

Yay! Gotta love days with best friends. I miss mine a lot, so I'm glad you got to hang with yours for the day. And in California! So cool. Bummer about the hyped cupcakes not living up to your expectations! But your drink sure looks nice - totally know what you mean about forgetting to snap the food. Haha. You have all this time waiting when you just have drinks in your hand and then when it comes the camera is forgotten :)

Love your outfit. I love that you add bows and hearts to things and really make every outfit your own. You are gorgeous Erica!


lovely outfit Erica ! And Tiffanys......... way to go !

Chickything said...

I love Sprinkles, I've never been into the actual store though. I've only had them in weddings and parties I've been to.
I don't think I'd go that far specially if Crumbs is just so close to where we live. Their cupcakes are good enough for me.

I love your outfit! And the belt is just lovely!

Odd, we are always in Americana because we live so close. but all the waiting in Cheesecake factory just makes me crazy! So we never eat there. We go to Katsuya instead and the interior is just amazing!

What a wonderful weekend you had!

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww you weren't that big of a sprinkles fan?? i loved it when i went but probably b/c we don't really have many cupcake shops to choose from in kansas city and i'm sure you have TONS in california to choose from!!

your outfit is absolutely adorable sweetie, especially the red belt, it's the perfect pop of color! =)

yay for 200 followers and a giveaway!!


Meg said...

Aww, YAY! Had so much fun reading this post -- reminded me of my trip in November! We made it to Sprinkles, too, and I had that pumpkin cream cheese cupcake I was telling you about on Twitter. Definitely delicious! The line was super long then, too, but my friend was adament that we had to get Sprinkles cupcakes.

We wound up taking ours up to Griffith Observatory and eating them while overlooking L.A.! Such a fun, perfect memory in my mind. Thanks for reminding me! :) xo

sharonlei said...

I love that red bow belt Erica! Reminds of me of my favorite CAT. You know who I'm talkig about. :)

xx Love & Aloha

Neekoh said...

The red bow belt is adorable!!

Live Love LA