here i am, a rabbit-hearted girl

details: rabbit print dress (erin fetherston for target), heather gray knit beret (leosroar, etsy), black belt (f21), purple tights (hot sox), black flats (nanette lepore for keds), black slub cardigan (f21)

i hope everyone had an amazing easter! and yes, my sheep accompanied me for my outfit pictures. :) i was just happy that i finally got to wear my bunny dress. i've had it in my closet for 2 years and just never got around to wearing it (shame, i know). there aren't too many occasions when i can get away with wearing this (although, do i really need an occasion to wear a bunny dress? not really, no.). i just really like the print. it's whimsical and strange:

i went with my mom, grandma, and aunt to the cemetery to visit my grandpa's grave and bring him flowers. the weather's usually pretty nice when we go, but it was cold today! then we went to the filipino supermarket to get groceries and i tried reeeeally hard to find some green tea matcha powder but failed. i might have to resort to getting some on e-bay if i can't find any around here for a decent price (any suggestions on where to look around LA?).

i've been having a weird obsession with green tea flavored things lately: cupcakes, ice cream, and ice blended drinks (i just tried them last week!) and am set on making my own so i don't end up spending all my money at starbucks and coffee bean. i kinda sorta made one earlier with the help of our magic bullet (not so magical--a few ice chunks were in there!) but the taste was a little off. boo. it will happen.

i will make it happen.

green tea image: credit


Chickything said...

me too! I love anything green tea! I just had some green tea mochi.

I love this post, you look so pretty. Love the bunny dress!

Oneechan said...

So pretty rabbitprint!
You won't need any occasion for wearing it.. ;)

I've never tasted anything green tea-flavoured except.. Green tea.. :P
But You have so many adorable pictures of tasty-looking green tea-flavoured things, so I think I have to try something! It looks so good!

xx Sophie

Mo said...

that dress is sooooooo cute !! love it !

Sandy a la Mode said...

you are TOO cute erica! love that dress, how perfect for easter!! i love anything and everything green tea as well... especially green tea ice cream, YUM!

Couture said...

Beautiful dress!


Kate and Oli said...

love that dress!!

I found your blog through the Etsy forums and just wanted to say hi and that you have a new follower! Have a beautiful week!

xo, Katie

firecrackers said...

this dress is darling! I love it...and i love that you posed with your sweet!

Tink in My Closet said...

Green tea cupcakes are one of the only flavours I haven't tried. This weekend I shall make them:) Good luck with your green tea ice blend!