The Gift Guide for Girlie Grads

I thought I'd put together a little gift guide (more guide/wishlist) for 2010 graduates-- specifically: girlie graduates. I mean, you can't gift wrap a job, so at the very least you could give us something cute, right?

The Victoria's Secret Pink grad t-shirts are so cheeky and fun that I think I'm going to stop by tomorrow to buy one (or both). Plus, they're only $10 (...with Pink purchase. $19.50 retail. Boo. Just buy one panty or something so you can get it for cheap). They're only available from April 27-May 10, so grab them while you can!

Here are some other awesome graduation gifts for the girlie graduate in your life (because you can't give jobs and antidotes to quarter-life crises as gifts...and if you can, well, feel free to send me one, okay? Until then, these will do):

1930s/40s Vintage Greeting Card
USD | Buy from Wrenlike on Etsy

2010 Class Ring Wish Necklace
$48 USD | Buy from Juicy Couture
Charm ($52 USD) and Keychain ($48 USD) also available

Limited Edition '10 Grad Charm Bracelet
$138 USD | Buy from Juicy Couture

Pink Owl Ring
$7.50 USD | Buy from Tizzalicious on Etsy

Yellow Gold Class of 2010 Heart Charm
$89.99 USD | Buy from

Glam Grad Personalized Flip-flops
Starts at $24.95 USD | Buy from Personalization Mall

Congratulations to all 2010 graduates!
Now all we have is the rest of our lives to figure out. ;)

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