cupcakes, moonwalks, birds & airplanes

*Image heavy due to many adventures*
i had an epic adventure day with my friend liz! we decided to explore a bunch of places in and around the antelope valley. liz has been one of my closest friends since high school and we always do silly things together, so it was a fun day.

Destination 1: Nadia Cakes (Palmdale)

i knowwww. i only tried it 2 weeks ago and i've already hit it up 4 times. i can't help it!! it is that amazing. i promise. we got red velvets (they're easter themed!), cookies & cream, and strawberry.

Destination 2: Charlie Brown Farms (Littlerock)

it's way out in the middle of nowhere, but they have everything. the place is huge. they have nuts, honey, wine, produce, and a gift store that contains everything you will never need. as for the food, it's really good. they even have veal, venison, and ostrich burgers if you're feeling adventurous. oh, and 125 flavors (!) of shakes. there's so much more that i can't even think of everything. it's totally food network worthy. if you're ever there, try their angus cheeseburgers and garlic fries! they're the best (no pictures because i always eat them before i can snap a picture. i'm impatient).

they also have a lot of random...statues that you can buy. we mostly just use them for pictures.

liz and john wayne

me and mr. butler penguin

liz hugging a dinosaur

Destination 3: Apollo Park (Lancaster)me (right) and liz (left)

i went last week with my sister and her friend, but we wanted to go again anyway. liz and i explored it much more thoroughly this time (ahem. playground). it got really windy though, so that kind of sucked. our hair got all crazy looking.

we fed the ducks and geese our leftover french fries from charlie brown.

...but we put the fries down to take more pictures and they accidentally got knocked over, so all these birds swarmed around us. that was scary.

we also played on the playground equipment (of course).

we are such children.

then liz created the sun...

...and i walked on the moon

Destination 4: Milestones of Flight Museum (Lancaster)

we headed next door to check out this flight museum. it's pretty small and nobody else was visiting (the guy that owns it was playing solitaire when we went in), but it's pretty cool. we wandered around and took pictures.

liz got really close to the air force plane to take pictures and an owl burst out of one of the turbines and pooped near her. it startled us, but it was pretty funny.

thus ends our epic adventure day. if you're ever in the antelope valley, these places are worth checking out! :)

not pictured: we also drove down the musical road in lancaster. it's exactly how it sounds. it was built for a honda commercial, but it's open to everyone now. it's best when you drive over it reeeeally fast, haha.

if you'd like, you can view the rest of the photos on facebook.
i borrowed the photos of me from liz (thanks, liz!).

here's my outfit from the day:

details: strapless top (necessary objects), black leggings (f21), pink skimmers (betseyville), red satin headband (erin fetherston for target), black cardigan (not pictured, heart and soul)

see more of this outfit's details and photos on chictopia

what about you? have any adventures lately? :)