whine & dine

details: black bow headband (f21), teal t-shirt (f21), gray cardigan (gap), polka-dot scalloped skirt (bcbg), black footless tights (target), black mary-jane flats (nine west)

i had dinner with my friend yan on thursday. it's weird not being in school because i don't see my friends as often, but it's okay because that means when we do get together, we have lots to talk about.

okay, it's more like just gossiping and eating, but that's still fun too. that's why i call them "whine & dine" sessions--it just seems appropriate.

we always go to Outback Steakhouse whenever we meet up. oh god, their chicken & ribs are so good! they're probably really bad for you (and by "probably", i mean "most definitely"), but i don't care. it's not like i get to eat it that often anyway. we went to Target afterwards (the one in Burbank is reeeeally big!) and bought candy. yay!

where do you like to eat with your friends?

this week has been fun and i have lots to share, but i'll break up the posts so they're not too long!


sewoeno said...

ahhh! i've never eaten there before. i'm not big on steak though.. or ribs. we have some awesome restaurants here that i go to. one is buckeye beer engine [awesome burgers and huge beer selection] and every so often Melt [gourmet grilled cheese] but its getting to popular so i kind of hate it. i use to go all the time before it was on the food channel and now has 3 hour waits. lamesauce! i live in a city with the most bars in the area, so i see my friends at them all the time.

Eye said...

Cool Outfit´s, cute pictures!!!

Oneechan said...

That's sounds so nice!
We have this place called Rödbrygga, wich is norwegian for "The Red Jetty". It's a bar/pub/resturant place.. And it's so cosy there! I really want to show ppl pictures from there, but you wouldn't get the whole atmosphere.. It's so.. old-ish.. Haha.. xP

xx Sophie