where the lines overlap

details: head-to-toe Forever 21. except for the boots (gojane.com) & earrings (betsey johnson). i know, i know, i hate mono-brand outfits, but ehh. oh well. my monkey earrings are pretty awesome though:

in other news: i'm one-fourth of my way through my 100 books challenge for the year! any book recommendations? please share. i have a few on my to-read list, but i still need more. ;)

i think i'll have a giveaway soon? haven't had one in a while, so be on the lookout.


Smile, Emily said...

Cute! I should really get an off the shoulder shirt.

x Emily

Ebony said...

ERICAAAAA! You're back!
I was wondering where you had got to, I always look out for your comments - they're always so personal and sweet, so don't apoligise for the truckload 'catchup' comments. It made me happy :)

I love that no matter what you're wearing you always have a little cute detail, whether it be bows, or hearts, or monkeys! Hehe.

In answer to your question, neither David or I play cricket. I think David may have used to, but the whole time I've known his he has been an Australian Football player... so I don't know why we even still have the bat! We do however love to watch the cricket on TV together, and when we move to Perth will surely catch some live games together. I'm finally learning all our players names :) Haha.

La fille d'or said...

So cool! That belt is great!!!

hmm books ...have you read The Little Friend, by Donna Tart?

Mo said...

what a lovely belt !!!

juicy j said...

you look fabulous!
love this look.<3