welcome to the tea party

details: black cloche hat (f21), pink tank top (kensiegirl), black bow belt (f21), gray skirt (victoria's secret pink), white slub cardigan (f21), black polka-dot rose tights (betsey johnson), black satin flats (nanette lepore)

this outfit isn't very tea party-ish, but it's just the song that's stuck in my head right now ("tea party" by kerli). i got the "almost alice" soundtrack, and it's pretty good. i like the selection of artists (all american rejects, metro station, tokio hotel, to name a few), and of course, it's a bunch of songs inspired by "alice in wonderland". and no, i'm not tired of all the hype yet.

i’m really liking this skirt from victoria’s secret pink! it’s cute and simple. it’s part of their 2 for $24.50 thing, which include the t-shirts and tanks, so it’s a pretty good deal (except i saw a skirt just like it at forever 21 a week later for much cheaper. oh well!).

today was a good day. the guy at starbucks gave me free cake (it’s good to be a girl, no?) after i ordered some coffee and i finalized all the grad stuff at school. i finished classes in december, but the official ceremony is a couple of months away.

TWO MONTHS. i can’t believe it!
where did college go, anyway??

i just need to get my grad portrait taken so i can send out announcements and stuff. i was seriously considering taking my own...but i want the cheesy one with the cap & gown to memorialize the event, you know? unless...i can make one.

...perhaps i could make a pink one? with a bow. haha. it's a thought.
also: i need more hats.

'almost alice' image credit: disneydreaming