victorian romance

details: red trapeze top with bow (sidecca), black & white lace cardigan (heart & soul), blue jean leggings (betsey johnson), black open-toe flats (payless)

finally got to wear the cute trapeze top my best friend clarrisa got me for christmas! i was afraid it'd look a bit like a maternity top when i wore it, but it didn't (thank god) haha. i paired it with this lace cardigan i've had since high school. i also just got these jean leggings ("jeggings"? but ugh, i hate that word with a passion), and they're okay i guess. i think i prefer the thicker, stretchy denim though.

went to lunch with my sister at this burger place called "the habit". their burgers are so good! i didn't take any pictures of the food though because i scarfed it down pretty fast.

i also got to see where she worked (a media marketing company) and they have all these awesome movie posters and theatre props around the office.

totally random, but awesome! :)


Mo said...

that cardigan is soooo cute !!!

i just realized you put my button on your side bar ! how nice ! i put yours !!!

miss indie said...

ohmygosh I swear, your style is too cute for words! I love seeing all of the adorable outfits that you put together. so cuteee!

Bianca J said...

Such a gorgeous outfit!

Ebony said...

Erica!!! :)
Haha, I constantly do that too; eat all my nummy food and then think.. why? Why didn't I document that? :)
Awesome cardy as always. I love that you included so many good looking shots, it's nice to not limit yourself to one or two.
Hope you have a great weekend pretty girl!

juicy j said...

LLOVE that caridgan.
you look adorable!<3

La fille d'or said...

the bow on that top is too cute for words!