things i need in my life

okay, i know i'm supposed to be saving up for my europe trip in may, but there are just so many cute things on etsy that i'm lusting after.

it's hard.

Present Dress - ImYourPresent

 Silver Fox Orwell Clutch - Tsurubride
Strawberry Pop Tart Ipod Cozy - Curiouspug

Skinny Sterling Silver Forget Me Knot Ring - PaupersBounty
I Love Books Zipper Pouch - Kukubee 

Happy Sloth Necklace -  Marymaryhandmade

sigh. i suppose i can wait until my birthday or something. ooo, or graduation gifts? ;)

what are you lusting after?

p.s. i'm having a love/hate relationship with the "new editor" on blogger. the ability to have bigger images = awesome, but the little pop-up prompts are irritating.


elementnineteen said...

I have almost all of those items on my list of favorites on Etsy too!! I actually just bought the bow ring in November '09 and I wear it at least three times a week. It's just too cute!

Meg said...

So many cute things! Etsy will surely be the death of me. I actually have to strike deals with myself now -- like, if I exercise for at least a half hour today, I can buy one (just one) item on Etsy. Of course, I typically just buy what I want and skip the exercising, but I have good intentions. Mostly. :)

I love that silver knot ring, too! And that zipper pouch! Eek, love it!

juicy j said...

oh my god i am now lusting all of these.
that freekin clutch is ahhmazing, along with the dress.
great stuf!

akaCola said...

i love that ring...darling :)