i'm into something good

details: gray hooded sweater (roxy), pink and brown striped scottie dog tunic t-shirt (juicy couture), black leggings (f21), gray boots (gojane)

it's spring break for all my friends this week, so i can't wait to hang out with them. we're supposed to go to griffith park and have a little barbeque (and maybe a water balloon fight), so i'm looking forward to it. the weather is perfect!

shanon of fookaDESIGNS gave me "One Sweetalicious Blog Award"--and it's a cute one! yay! it even has a cupcake on it. thank you so much shanon. :)

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i would like to pass this on to valencia, ebony, nina & belen-- four of the sweetest bloggers i know!


Ebony said...

:DDD You are THE sweetest blogger I know.
Well deserved and thanks for nominating me! Hehe.
Enjoy your bbq! Take photos :)

Chickything said...

Thanks so much! You have no idea how much this made me happy! You're so sweet and thank you for visiting my blog regularly. It means so much. I want to let you know that my day is not complete without visiting your very sweet blog!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVE your outfit here! i would really love me one of those scottie dog tunics... i would have never thought to layer a sweater over it.. of course, i have like the WORST fashion sense! i want to wear an outfit like this one day!!!