a girlie bbq

Details: gray crocheted flower headband (einahpetneleb, etsy), blue convertible infinity dress (made by me, etsy), white flip-flops (guess)

my friends from school, yan, cha, gladys, cruz, and erica (yes, another erica!) are on their spring break, so we had a bbq at griffith park yesterday. the weather is finally perfect, just in time for spring. i wore the convertible infinity dress that i made for myself last year. funny, because even though you can wear it a million different ways, i've only ever worn it one way.

we grilled burgers and hot dogs (or rather, gladys did because the rest of us are pretty useless in that department), and i brought the cupcakes, naturally.

we just hung out and caught up--it was really fun. i hadn't seen most of them in weeks (months?), so it was great to see everyone again. i didn't take as many pictures as my friends and they haven't posted theirs on facebook yet (slowpokes!), so i'll share a few of the ones i did get on my camera:

is anyone else on spring break (not that i am. i won't have one ever again haha)? :)


JMay said...

Those cupcakes look amazing & that dress is SO beautiful!

Where did you get it?!

Chickything said...

Your cupcakes always look so perfect! Why don't you sell them?

FJ said...

love your dress! those cupcakes look yummy yummy!! happy spring break!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you made those cupcakes? i am uber impressed!! i'd totally love how to ice cupcakes one day! cute dress! =)

Belen said...

those cupcakes are so cute! we're such cupcakers, are we not? :P

Diya said...

OMG THE CUPCAKES ARE ADORABLE. so's your beautiful blue dress.

ps. visit my blog at:

Jen Vecc said...

i miss spring breaks - i will never have one again either. my husband does - guess we all should have been teachers! :)

Eye said...

very cute dress!!!! you look amazing!!!!

Mo said...

lovely dress and pancakes !!

Tink in My Closet said...

Your cupcakes look delicious and perfectly cute at the same time!! I think we share the same obssession for cupcakes..

Ps: love the cut out detail of this dress!

Oneechan said...

I HAVE to make cupcakes tomorrow.. <3
(Is it from a mix again, or do you have a recipe? Blue frosting <3 )
:D :D

xx Sophie