feeling lucky

details: green gingham blouse (heritage/f21), black bloomer shorts (tracy feith for target), black belt (f21), black slingbacks (nina dolls), white bow headband (f21), gold heart earrings (vintage).

i'm not a big st. patrick's day kind of gal (or rather, "kind o' gal"), but i hate the idea of being the only one not wearing green (kind of like that fear that i get on halloween when i'm wondering if i'm the only one wearing a costume).

don't want to get pinched, you know?

random fact: i have a little bit of irish blood. maybe. my grandma said that we do (she was adopted, so she doesn't quite know for sure). but that's cool. i kind of like my mysterious 25%.

i went to target today to check out the 'liberty of london' stuff. a bunch of soccer moms were tearing through the clothing section, so i avoided it. i did like the underwear/intimates, but refrained from buying anything because i just went to victoria's secret last week. but underwear's a necessity...right? ugh. my poor self needs to stop shopping.

and they didn't have that two-tiered dessert tray thing that i wanted, so that sucks. i really liked all the pretty patterns and prints though! feels very springtime and i like it.

also, valencia sent me a t-post! thanks, girl! it's this really neat magazine-on-a-t-shirt kind of thing. it has a fun graphic print on the outside, and news printed on the inside. i can't wait to wear it (and read it). if you're into quirky, offbeat wearable things, you can get your own t-post here! :)

hope everyone had a great st. patrick's day (or at the very least, a fabulous wednesday)!