Fairground Dress on Etsy

Skipper Skirt (Made-to-Order) on Etsy

these are a couple of new items i just finished. i've been working on my shop more lately and sewing furiously the past few days. yay, productivity! you might recognize the fairground dress from my last 'project 365' post, when it was still in progress. :)

i also have a few sample sale lots available, with discounted merchandise! each lot has a handmade top or dress, a tote, and 2 pairs of earrings. be sure to check them out if you're in the shopping mood.

also, this is unrelated, but Prom Mafia had this super sweet post where she put together a cute outfit inspired by me and keiko lynn.

she made the skirt and a wide blue sash to go with it, which was adorned with a giant bow on the back (i definitely approve. everything looks better with a bow, in my opinion). ;)

her blog is fun and very informative--everything prom-related you would ever need to know, with lots of contests and pretty pictures of dresses and accessories. it makes me wish i was still prom-aged. if you're going to prom anytime soon, it's a great place to get inspiration (or as she calls it, "promspiration").

sorry for the lack of outfit posts/being a bit MIA lately. will catch up with you lovely bloggers very soon--promise!