everything but the kitchen sink

i was recently tagged by sandy of sandy a la mode in her bag and a tag post to share the contents of my purse. i always think these types of posts are fun in a weird stalkerish kind of way because i think you can tell a lot about a person by the things they like to carry around.

i like to carry...everything with me. this is the main reason i like big bags (and why my shoulder is always sore). and i'm one of those weirdos that has 4 tubes of lip gloss and balm in my purse just because i like variety.

...and tons of gum wrappers and receipts (but i removed those for the pictures, okay?).

happy analyzing! ;)

(clockwise, starting at the top)

  1. Pack of gum. I like having minty fresh breath.
  2. Wallet. Necessity, of course (mine's a pink one from Lovcat that I got at TJMaxx). There isn't any cash in there though.
  3. Mirror. I always get eyelashes and things in my eyes! Annoying.
  4. Sunglasses. To protect my precious eyeballs from UV rays. And things from flying into them.
  5. Paper & pen. Or in this case, a small pad of pink heart-shaped post-its and a pen. You never know when you'll need to write some info. down (or get an autograph. Not that I've ever needed it for that).
  6. Cell phone. My connection to the world.
  7. Camera. I only recently started made this a regular thing to carry around so that I could capture photos for Project 365, but I wish I had thought of it before.
  8. iPod. I need music to function correctly.
  9. Keys + school ID (yeah, I'm finished with school but you can still get discounts at some places if you flash this quickly enough. ahem. Charlotte Russe) + USB drive.
  10. Powder & lip gloss. The 3 random tubes I threw in there.
  11. Lotion. My skin gets super dry out here.
  12. A little make-up bag filled with blister balm, another tube of lip balm (there's the 4th!), hand sanitizer (I hate having dirty/smelly hands) and an emergency tampon (is that TMI? whatever).

okay, so i want to know what belen, ebony, meg, nina, jacque and katrina carry around in their bags because i'm creepy like that. tag, you're it! please drop me a comment if you do this so i can check it out. :)

and for everyone else, what kinds of things can you not live without? what do you always have to have in your purse?