DIY Daisy Headband Tutorial

I really like making things and thought it was about time I shared a fun little tutorial on my blog! It's a great project to try out if you have any scrap ribbon and/or elastic hanging around. I also posted it on Cut Out + Keep.

You Will Need:
13 inches of ribbon trim
7.5 inches of elastic
Hot glue gun (or any fabric adhesive)

1. Cut about 13 inches of the ribbon trim you plan on using, and 7.5 inches of elastic.

2. Use a glue gun to attach 1/4 inch of the elastic to the back end of the ribbon trim. Repeat on other side.

3. Glue guns are great for wearable accessories because the adhesive dries fast and is waterproof. However, if you don't have a glue gun, any fabric adhesive should work fine. Or you could always hand/machine stitch the ends with white thread.

4. The final product!

5. You can even use other laces & ribbons instead! This project is really easy and you can even add rhinestones and other appliques to the plain trim if you'd like. Make tons for yourself or your friends. :)

If you'd like to purchase daisy trim like the one I used, I found some on Etsy here! And if you don't have any elastic, try here.

Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial! If any of you decide to try it out, I'd love to see pictures.