brown paper packages tied up with string...and other things

there's something about receiving packages that's ridiculously exciting. i always get a kick out of opening boxes and things. i get rather impatient and tear them open right away.

it's embarrassing.

i bought this new oilily fragrance on ebay. it smells wonderful; very clean, fresh, and flowery. i don't wear perfume that often, but i really like this one! that's a good thing too, considering i bought it based on the pretty bottle alone (i'm a sucker for pretty packaging). that's bad, i know, but they didn't have the one i originally wanted (papillon by oilily) and figured their other fragrances would smell just as good.

i also bought this azalea glossy lip tint from FlourishBathBody's shop on etsy. it's absolutely perfect! not only does it provide a lovely sheer wash of pink, but it's super moisturizing too. it's my favorite lip balm right now. i love it so much i might have to buy it in another shade (or two).

i did a makeup/random swap with valencia and just received her package the other day! it was filled with all sorts of goodies: blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, sunglasses, a bow hair tie, and a sleeping mask. she even added a handful of colorful origami hearts! they're so cute. i couldn't figure out what they were made of at first, and she told me they were STRAWS. how cool is that? i really want to make some sometime.

and finally, i received a rebecca minkoff handbag from tweetmybag! i won their 2nd giveaway a few weeks ago and i was reeeeeeally happy because, well, i never win anything. i can't wait to use it! you'll see it in a future outfit post for sure. be sure to check out the site. you can post your outfits/handbag photos and comment on your favorites.

anyone else get any fun packages in the mail or buy yourself something sweet?


Valencia Lia said...

Wow,you received so many packages recently and I'm so glad that you loved what I sent you:) So so sorry for the much delay :(

I do love the bag that you won from tweetmybag,its so beautiful. I can't wait to see how you're going to pair it with. I too just went to pick up a package for me this morning. Can't wait to show you all what's in it :D

And go plan a photoshoot sometime soon. The photos are not sent to me yet,I do hope they come out good <3

Love youuuuuu!

Chickything said...

So loving this post!
I love that perfume! It's so pretty!

fookaDESIGNS said...

Hi Erica! I want to send you something too! :)

I SO love your blog so I awarded you the ONE SWEETALICIOUS BLOG AWARD today - see more details over at fookaDESIGNS Blog:

Happy Blogging!

elementnineteen said...

I love getting mail too! It's like a surprise present every time. :)

Congrats on winning the bag. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you pair it up with!

Ebony said...

haha, I totally have bought a few perfumes online based on their bottle. Am also a sucker for packaging! What fun mail :)