along for the ride

i hope everyone had a good weekend! i went with my sister to palmdale again and we visited her best friend, shandra. we had cupcakes from nadia cakes (i know. again. couldn't resist!) and i got to try the twix and red velvet flavors (yum!).

then we went to this place that's waaaay out in the boonies of lancaster, apollo park. we used to go a lot when we were kids and i hadn't been there since. it was really fun! the ducks are still there, but the giant spaceship slide isn't (boo). it was fun walking around though.

me (right) and my sister (left) in front of the lake with all the ducks

my sister, tritia (right) and her best friend, shandra (left)

afterwards, shandra fed us awesomely delicious thai food from her family's restaurant, shandra express. be sure to visit if you're ever in the antelope valley and have a craving for thai or chinese cuisine. they have really good food--promise! :) see for yourself:

golden fried shrimp

duck soup with noodles

curry fried rice

it was a good day. :)

i know this isn't much of an outfit post, but here are my outfit details anyway, just in case: red sweater (f21), gray sweater (gap), black scalloped mini skirt (bcbg), gray leggings (f21), brown boots (f21)