tarina tarantino's new makeup line at sephora

tarina tarantino makeup collection
Collection Available at Sephora

when i found out that tarina tarantino was launching a makeup collection at sephora, i was itching with excitement.


i mean, this is the woman with the awesome hot pink hair who makes all that kitschy-cute hello kitty, alice in wonderland, and barbie jewelry. we're talking lots of swarovski crystals, bows, and bright colors, so i have high hopes for this.

it hasn't come out yet, which sucks because i really want to go to sephora and play around with everything. and the packaging is so pretty--everything is pink and silver, with bows. i'm really looking forward to trying the eyeliner, eye shadow, and lipsticks because the colors are all gorgeous in the pictures. plus, there are a lot of bright blues + purples in the eye makeup; my favorites!

gah, i'm such a sucker for makeup. it's not like i need anymore, but who cares when everything is this cute (even the makeup brushes!)?

it's supposed to launch this month, so be on the lookout! :)

also, on a semi-related note, i'm in love with urban decay's alice in wonderland palette:

i'm trying to justify spending $52 on a bunch of eye shadow colors--most of which i'm sure i already have near dopplegangers of--and i just can't. ;/ sigh. i suppose i can just stare at the pretty box.

i will not buy eyeshadow, i will not buy eyeshadow, i will not buy eyeshadow...

images: sephora.com