Project 365: 52-58

i'm really enjoying this project and am considering taking on a couple more photography challenges on flickr. and i think my photos/editing skills are improving a little. hope you guys like my photos so far! :) comments are always welcome.

visit the set on flickr.


Belen said...

I love those cards! And the last image with the shoes are adorable.

Marie said...

Loving the first and second pics!;D

Will now follow your blog, follow mine too?;D

Check out my blog!
...and everything girly under the sun!

Mo said...

ok maybe it's because i did not have breakfast yet but i m really craving for that cookie now !

Valencia Lia said...


I think you're doing so so well with your 365 days project. It makes it so much more interesting to know you better as a person through photos:)

I really love the mini Macdonalds set and your bright blue bow is adorable!!

Those rain boots are the cutest I've seen yet.

Can't wait to see the bag that you've won heee Nahhh,I didn't celebrate with pizza though. Just a nice supper with my love heee

And yayy for the sexy ring too!!

Ohhh for the XL images on blogger,its actually the same size as Imageshack's 640x480 size. Its the size I use all the time when I upload photos via there. So its good blogger has that too now!

And the photos upload via blogger is very clear and sharp. you go to blogger dashboard then settings then basic. And you scroll all the way down under global settings and you select updated post editor and you're done!

Just upload your photos via blogger and when the photo appear you click on it and it lets you choose the sizes.

hope this helps~

randi bergman said...

toy fries! how much do i miss playing fake fatty food right now...

Meg said...

Like everyone else, I loooove those cards! Haha. So cool. All of your shots are great, but I think the first is my favorite! very creative!

juicy j said...

uhm girl i love every one of those pictures.
theyre amazing!

Valencia Lia said...

Re:I love love the new place I'm working at too! It looks really cozy and also the huge robot is so adorable:)

Awww,yeahh the new editor is actually easier to use though. Oh yes,I think the Nokia N97 mini is out in the states for sure heeee but its a alright phone.

And I can't wait to send out your package this weekend heeee


♥ Christine said...

such a lovely blog!
photography is such a gift :) i'm liking your photos.

it's always nice to stumble across local bloggers :) what part of LA are you from?

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