Project 365: 45-51

visit the flickr set. :)


Oneechan said...

As usual I love your pictures!
And of course: Cupcake <3

I should have known it was from a mix, but it still looks delicious <3
And we have LOADS of snow here.

xx Sophie

Eye said...

Very cute pictures. :)
Your dog is amazing.

Elise said...

loving the socks !

Have a great week

Ebony said...

I've seen that cupcake before but I still love it!
Now I'm hungry and my boyfriend isn't making dinner until he gets back from footy training in 2 hours. What shall I do? Lol.
Might have to go fix myself a snack :)
Gorgeous photos Erica xx

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Fun photos :)
The cupcake makes me hungry!
And your puppy is so cute :)

xoxoKrysten said...

Just stopping by your blog from Sometimes Sweet. I love your pictures, so cute!

Mo said...

those pictures are really cute !!! thank you for commenting on my blog !!! i've been through yours and im pretty sure i can say already that i'm gonna start follow it ;-) cute and cute !