mister blue sky, please tell us why you had to hide away for so long

details: gray t-shirt (victoria's secret pink), blue floral skirt (guess), black rose belt (f21), black cable-knit knee socks (target), black mary-janes (nine west)

"alice in wonderland" necklace from fatally feminine on etsy

i've been taking advantage of the weather and wearing skirts again. and i love knee socks but i never know when to wear them or what to wear them with, but this seemed to work. it's been suspiciously sunny this week, and just when i was getting used to the freak warm weather, it gets cloudy again (not that i mind)!

ohhh southern california. you're unpredictable (but i wouldn't want to live anywhere else).


Ebony said...

Gorgeous necklace - I love Alice.
Also loving your skirt - prettiest blue. You look great!

Meg said...

Looove this outfit -- just perfect! That blue skirt is killer. The Alice necklace is really cool and unique, too!

I'll have you know I've gotten hopelessly addicted to OPI nail shades after reading your posts... I ordered two bottles yesterday: "Jade Is The New Black" and "Party In My Cabana," LOL. Can't wait to get them! Love nail polish so much, but am scared now that I'm turned onto the "hard" stuff -- the more expensive brands. Haha!

Stacy said...

Awee I love that neckalce!

Amber Rose said...

Love the skirt! I've been wanting to move to Socal for little while. I was thinking san diego. Where are you from in Cali?

Ulrika said...

Lovely outfit!xxx

Belen said...

Aw! I wish I could rock knee highs!