i think you're a contra

details: green bow sweater (heritage, f21), blue skinny jeans (domaine), white bow belt (f21), brown boots (gojane), handmade beret (leosroar, etsy)

i probably should’ve taken the pictures before I went out to visit my friend (my hair’s all flat here), but that’s okay. we had lunch and gossiped (two things we're really good at) and took pictures at one of those fancy japanese photo booths (they finally put one in the burbank mall!).

it was exciting. it was my first time in one of those fancy ones, so i went all out during the editing, as evidenced in the final results:

also, i just started using chictopia again (i joined in august and forgot about it for a while), so feel free to add me as a friend! :)

here's my entry for their "forever sweetheart" contest. check it out and vote for me please!