hey, sailor!

details: red headband (f21), red anchor earrings (close-up image below. vintage, etsy), blue & white striped sweater with ruched shoulders (charlotte russe), black skinny jeans (f21), sailor collar (lulu letty, etsy)

just showing off my lovely new purchase: a sailor collar from lulu letty's etsy shop. isn't it super cute? the vintage anchor earrings are from fancy feast's etsy shop. yes, i'm aware that my outfit seems costume-y, but i don't care...even if it made me feel like mary ann à la 'gilligan's island'.

i'm loving this nautical trend (obviously).

anchors. blue & white. lots of stripes. stars. it's all so fun and summery, and makes me wish i had a yacht to party on. or something.

i even made a nautical inspired dress for my shop (with heart pockets!):

anyone else feelin' this trend? love/hate? oh, and if someone knows where i could get a pair of cute high-waisted sailor shorts, please let me know! i've been dying to get some for a while now and can't seem to find any that i like.


Valencia Lia said...

I love love the nautical frenchy trend too!!

Those earring and the collar you got from Maria is so gorgeous. Ohhh man,her store doesn't have the collars anymore. Hope she makes more of those.

And the sailor sweetie dress you made, wow! I really love it so so very much! Love the toucj of those heart pockets:)

Ebony said...

LOVE LOVE the nautical look. I am the biggest fan of sailor inspired get up lately. Love your etsy buys! You look super sweet :)

Love that dress too. Those pockets are gorgeous. I have an email in progress to send you in regards to your comments.


Belen said...

oh man i love the middle picture with the collar!!!

Mo said...

awesome hearings ! awesome colar shirt and adorable dress !!! you're really talented !!

elementnineteen said...

I'm almost convinced we're twins! I'm a huuuuge fan of all things nautical and absolutely adore your outfit. That dress is super cute too! I'm a little sad that it was scooped up by someone else!!

Maria Confer said...

It looks so amazing on you!! I love those earrings!

Lulu Letty