cupid's cupcakes

how was everyone's valentine's day? good, i hope. i spent it with my family and i even baked cupcakes (vanilla with crème brûlée frosting and chocolate sprinkles). ohhh the frosting was so good! i got the heart wrappers and cupid's arrow decorative picks from target. target's awesome.

in other news, i will not be attending Coachella. sad. they're not doing 1-day passes this year, so a ticket to the 3-day event is about $300. ack! i don't exactly have $300 to spare right now, maybe next year.

here's an outfit from last week:

details: red t-shirt (f21), cream cardigan (gap), white bow belt (f21), brown corduroy skirt (bcbg), black tights (f21), brown boots (gojane), black headband with crystal heart and crown necklace (juicy couture), earrings (vintage)

it's another librarian outfit, haha. but oh well. the weather is starting to get warm again (about 80 degrees outside. weird) so i can start wearing summer-y outfits again soon. yay!


Jess said...

I have a feeling that librarian looks are having a moment right now.
and sorry about not responding sooner, but I had a link to the live streaming shows. Here it is for you =) a tad late, sorry about that.

Meg said...

Those cupcakes look sooo cute, and I'm sure they were delicious! I was going to bake some special treats this year, but time got away from me. I went with the standard pink funfetti cupcakes from a mix, haha :) They were tasty! Not as creative as I wanted to be, but maybe next year! :)

Loooove that white bow belt -- so cute!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

those are ridiculously adorable cupcakes!

Eden said...

what an incredibly sweet treat! any guy would be so lucky to get that for valentines. love:))

the boots are gorgeous as well!:)

do show me some love over at my site?


T-Charry said...

LOVE the cream-colored cardigan and the cupcakes look DELISH!

Christina said...

I love the cupcakes, so cute.

Jacque said...

Oo yummy cupcakes! They look so delicious!! Your outfit is extra cute!! Love it!

Ebony said...

Your outfit totally matches those cupcakes! Oh I love how you incorporate bows or hearts into nearly all your outfits! You always look great Erica :)

Oneechan said...

Do you have a recipe to go with those yummy cupcakes? ^^

xx Sophie