christmas in february

christmas presents from my friends! cupcakes and bows?
my friends know me a little too well.

better late than never.

i finally hung out with my friends on saturday. we needed to give each other belated christmas gifts that have been sitting in our rooms since, well, christmas. i had lunch with my friend liz and we talked/gossiped/shopped/the usual. liz burned me a couple of cds (we're always trading music!) and got me an awesome cupcake decorating book, which is perfect, because decorating/icing cupcakes is the thing i need to work on the most and the ones in the book are super cute and inspiring.

afterwards, i visited my best friend clarrisa and met her new dog cookie (she was in my last project 365 post!). then we exchanged presents too. she got me a cute bow tunic and matching bow headband. yay! i told her i need more bows in my life (well, i don't, but i want to).

we're such procrastinators.

i made them each a le sac dress. i hope they have fun figuring out how to wear it. they're pretty cool once you get the hang of them.