christmas in february

christmas presents from my friends! cupcakes and bows?
my friends know me a little too well.

better late than never.

i finally hung out with my friends on saturday. we needed to give each other belated christmas gifts that have been sitting in our rooms since, well, christmas. i had lunch with my friend liz and we talked/gossiped/shopped/the usual. liz burned me a couple of cds (we're always trading music!) and got me an awesome cupcake decorating book, which is perfect, because decorating/icing cupcakes is the thing i need to work on the most and the ones in the book are super cute and inspiring.

afterwards, i visited my best friend clarrisa and met her new dog cookie (she was in my last project 365 post!). then we exchanged presents too. she got me a cute bow tunic and matching bow headband. yay! i told her i need more bows in my life (well, i don't, but i want to).

we're such procrastinators.

i made them each a le sac dress. i hope they have fun figuring out how to wear it. they're pretty cool once you get the hang of them.


Ebony said...

Those are awesome presents. I love the look of those dresses you made. I wish we were real life friends and could swap xmas pressies :p
Can't wait to see how you put the cupcake book to use!

eliii said...

haha yeah we procrastinate too much, but it just made exchanging presents even more exciting! And I too can not wait until you learn how to make those cupcakes. I can be your taste tester :)

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

I want your le sac dresses!!! They're fab!!! I guess I have to try wearing one!

Eye said...

yeah, its my favourite too :)
love your dog!!!!!



sMacThoughts said...

I have a friend with whom gifts are also exchanged months later. It's something to look forward to!

Jacque said...

oo those le sac dresses are adorable!!! I'm still giving out christmas presents too! I love that cupcake book!! I need one too!! Decorating and icing is hard!

Ebony said...

Oh Erica you are the sweetest :) That's a pity about your fave zine, I would actually love to start my own. I was talking with David about doing that, I really would need to be a better drawer though :p

Real friends? I consider us real friends. We just haven't met yet. Hehe! Oh I would LOVE to do a present swap on our birthdays AND Christmas if you're up for it. My birthday isn't until August 28, when's yours?

I'm so excited now!
Hey, feel free to email me if we find the commenting back and forth is getting a little ridiculous :) ebby_brooke(at)hotmail(dot)com


Patty Ann said...

cute cute dresses that you made!!

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