busy, busy and a bow swap

this week has been fun. i invested in a domain name (http://sweetsandhearts.com) and have been furiously working on the website, which will link to my shop and blog. then i had to work on the buttons for this blog, because i wanted everything to match (of course!). i hope it's easier to navigate now. and prettier.

this internet promotion stuff is time consuming (but totally worth it)!

in other news, i received a lovely bow from miss maria of lulu letty! we both have a weird obsession with bows, so a bow swap just seemed appropriate. see the bow i made for her here, and here's the headband that she made for me:

isn't it just adorable? i can't wait to wear it.

also, i just created a facebook fan page. it's something i've been debating about for a while now, but i think it can't hurt to have one. i rarely update my myspace anymore, so facebook is a definite upgrade. feel free to fan me, and thanks to everyone who has so far! i love you guys and really appreciate the support. ♥