books and bows

it's always nice to receive packages in the mail. i get ridiculously excited/impatient and tear them open immediately. i received the blue and white bow headband from maria of lulu letty earlier this week from a bow swap (yay, bows! super cute, huh?), and the crocheted gray bow scarf with pearls is from a trade i did with mousse au chocolat. i love her bow scarves! i already have a black and white one, but i fell in love with the pearl one too and asked her to make one for me in gray.

too bad it's 80 degrees outside. i'll have to save it for when it gets cold again.

from amazon, i got "cracked up to be" by courtney summers. i already borrowed it from the library and read it, but i really enjoyed it--it's one of my favorites. so you should read it, like, now. ;)

i also got "alice in wonderland", with illustrations by camille rose garcia. i haven't read it since 3rd grade, and honestly, i can't remember the story very well (except for the disney 2d version). i want to read it before the movie comes out and i was attracted to the creepy-cool illustrations in this version. i can't wait to finish it!

anyone else receive anything fun in the mail lately? :)