bohemian rhapsody

details: crocheted yellow flower headband (einahpetsneleb, etsy), white blouse (f21), jeans (domaine), black sandals (classified)

sorry for the super cheesy title. i'm feelin' like a flower child. my cousin alyssa actually got me this top a looong time ago for my birthday. like, in high school, i think. good thing i'm a pack rat--everything comes back in style eventually.

a HUGE thanks to everyone who has become a fan on my new facebook page! i really appreciate the support. feel free to post links to your fan pages in this comment section so i can add them to my page's favorites. :)


FJ said...

love your outfits!

fookaDESIGNS said...

Cute outfit as always!

Thanks for following fookaDESIGNS on twitter recently! I will have to fan your facebook page when I'm not at work (they block it here). Mine is: if you'd like to check it out.

T.Hazel said...

your blouse is adorable. thanks for the follow : )

Caitlin said...

those jeans are awesome!

Ebony said...

Look at you! *whistles* Your jeans look awesome and I love that top. A little more edgy but still so you, so cute!!!
I might just do that, screw one a day and catch up by uploading good holiday shots (or baking ones! hehe)
I definitely recommend taking out a subscription to Frankie. I've recently heard you can also subscribe to a PDF version? I could spend hours raving about it... Just check out :D

Hope you have a great weekend Erica!