she is shaken out, static anonymity

hey! look! i'm finally wearing something other than sweats/pajamas/oversized t-shirts.

it's been an outfit-less week (ahem. stuck inside due to sucky weather + sickness), so it was good to finally go out again. the weather was nice today (sunshine!), but i kind of missed the clouds. it just seemed too bright outside, if that makes any sense. it's supposed to rain again soon though, so i'm weirdly looking forward to it again.

project 365 photos will be posted tonight! :) i'm having fun doing it, but i'm scared that i'll run out of ideas/inspiration soon. like, really soon (and it's only been a few weeks! ahhhh!!).

okay, this is seriously the softest & comfiest t-shirt ever. it's victoria's secret pink (about $16) and it's my favorite right now.
it's okay to indulge every now & then. got this purse at the coach outlet (about 70% off!) a few weeks ago. bye bye, christmas cash.
details: gray knit beret (f21), pink v-neck t-shirt (pink, victoria's secret), blue skinny jeans (domaine), gray boots (gojane), black jacket (tara jarmon, target)

i'm extending the giveaway by a few days, so if you haven't entered yet, you still can! :) it'll end on wednesday at the same time.

that is all.