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hey! look! i'm finally wearing something other than sweats/pajamas/oversized t-shirts.

it's been an outfit-less week (ahem. stuck inside due to sucky weather + sickness), so it was good to finally go out again. the weather was nice today (sunshine!), but i kind of missed the clouds. it just seemed too bright outside, if that makes any sense. it's supposed to rain again soon though, so i'm weirdly looking forward to it again.

project 365 photos will be posted tonight! :) i'm having fun doing it, but i'm scared that i'll run out of ideas/inspiration soon. like, really soon (and it's only been a few weeks! ahhhh!!).

okay, this is seriously the softest & comfiest t-shirt ever. it's victoria's secret pink (about $16) and it's my favorite right now.
it's okay to indulge every now & then. got this purse at the coach outlet (about 70% off!) a few weeks ago. bye bye, christmas cash.
details: gray knit beret (f21), pink v-neck t-shirt (pink, victoria's secret), blue skinny jeans (domaine), gray boots (gojane), black jacket (tara jarmon, target)

i'm extending the giveaway by a few days, so if you haven't entered yet, you still can! :) it'll end on wednesday at the same time.

that is all.


Elise said...

grat outfit, fab colour !

Mei said...

Love that coach bag - the 70% off discount is awesome. I really love your dress styles. I saw an earlier post about the heart cut-out dress you ordered from FredFlare. Oh god I always have my eyes on that dress! Have you gotten it yet? You must take some photos! :D

Ebony said...

That sucks that the dress didn't fit. I always fill like I can't order stuff from the US because the postage is steep and then what if it doesn't fit?

Lovin your nails in these photos actually. That's an awesome colour! May I be so bold as to ask what it is? :)

Glad you're feeling better!

katie d said...

loved your comment. I like it when you can tell when people actually read the post, as opposed to like, "killer boots!" or something like that hah. I love those white sunnies from a couple posts down! Great giveaway!

off to peruse your etsy shop...


Caitlin said...

Woo! Love that top! If you don't mind me asking, what size is it? I want a v-neck that is long on me so I can kind of wear it as a suedo-dress...hehe

Also, that bag is great!

Ritzee Rebel said...

Cute outfit, this is similar to what I've been wearing lately! I especially love the color of the v-neck tee; I fell in love with the ones from American Apparel last year and wear them all sorts of ways. Thumbs up! ^.^