right as rain

gosh, it's been raining this whole week. crazy. i usually like it when it rains, but i'm over it now. being sick + rainy days = me vegetating/holed up at home. and i was supposed to hang out with my friend liz tomorrow, but that's not going to happen because it's pretty much flooded everywhere. sad.

anyway, to combat my lazy slump, i'm having a giveaway tomorrow! yaaaaaay!

mom found this tiny package in the coat closet that was addressed to me and opened it, and it contained two pairs of sunglasses i had ordered from fredflare in 2007. 2007!!! i thought that package was never delivered and had reported it to UPS & fredflare and everything (and they were so sweet, they even sent me replacements! oops).

so now i have an extra pair of white jackie o's. they don't even carry this style at fredflare anymore, and that sucks because they're my favorite. the giveaway will start tomorrow. i'll announce it on twitter & myspace.

speaking of fredflare, i ordered the i heart you dress earlier this week and i can't wait to wear it! it's too cute! it has a heart cut-out on the back. ahhh i hate waiting for packages to arrive.