project 365: 10-16

okay, i lied.

i said i'd post the the photos tomorrow, but i'm too impatient.

i apologize for the lack of outfit posts this week! i didn't have any reason to dress up, seeing how i didn't really get out of the house (sick, remember?). but no worries! i'm starting to feel better, and at least i kept up with my 'project 365'.

thanks for the wellness wishes and everything!!! :) it means a lot to me. i still have to catch up on blog visiting/reading/comment-replying. sorry ;[

now here are some colorful things for you to look at:

i collect weird things (my sister got me the orange moose @ ikea today. $0.50! awesome!), but at least weird things make for fun photos. don't forget, the whole set is on flickr.

did everyone go back to school yet? i kind of miss school. i mean, i miss my friends. i definitely do not miss the homework/professors/registrar. they can kiss my