nothing but blue skies

i wish it was colder. i've barely had any chances to wear my scarves, gloves, and coats! ahhh southern california weather. 70 degree weather in december and january is a little weird.

shirley and ebony started the 365 photo project and their photos were so inspiring, i wish i had thought of joining sooner...but i think i'll start doing it anyway! who cares if i'm a little late. i've been a procrastinator my whole life. i think i'll start taking a bunch of photos tomorrow to catch up.

details: cream beret (leosroar on etsy), red cardigan (kersh), gray deer t-shirt (f21), black leggings (f21), gray suede boots (gojane)

as you can see, i've been making little changes to the blog design/layout. i'm working on a new header and all that good stuff!

i'm finalizing details for the upcoming giveaway (hint: cute room decor!) and it should be up soon enough. be sure to check back soon for updates for your chance to win.