Hearts for Haiti

i donated a handmade scarf from my shop to Hearts for Haiti, an Etsy collaborative effort to raise money for Doctors Without Borders in helping aid and rebuild Haiti.

100% of the proceeds from the sold items will be donated (over $10,000 as of 1/21), and most of the participating sellers are offering free shipping.

please take the time to look around the Hearts for Haiti shop. there's a diverse selection of handmade (even supplies & vintage!) products to choose from, ranging from digital prints and children's clothing, to dangly earrings and bath stuff. you can choose something nice for yourself (or someone else!) and know that you're helping out at the same time.

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Hearts for Haiti

thanks so much for reading this! any help & support is appreciated.


Valencia Lia said...

I love the handmade scarf you made with those hearts on it!! that's really so sweet of you.

And I think setting up an etsy shop to help the victims over at Haiti is such a wonderful thing.

Surely checking out the shop now:)

yiqin; said...

Dis is a really good cause.

Keith (Mindless Pursuits) said...

It's a fantastic cause and your donated scarf is wonderful!

Ebony said...

Just purchased something from this store, thanks to your post :) I wasn't aware it was even happening!

Do not though, not all participants are offering worldwide free shipping. I had my eye on these cute little tins & I couldn't get them shipped to Aus.

Hope you had a wonderful day! I really love our little back and forth comments xx

candybox said...

This is really sweet :) I'm working on fundraising for the cause as well!


Elizabeth said...

Love your scarf. I definitely need to donate something to Hearts for Haiti.

nomadcraftsetc said...

WOW! very cool!

Jacque said...

Aw that is so sweet! That is such a cute heart scarf! Thank you for sharing this with us!

The Curious Pug said...

that scarf is just adorable! how sweet of you to donate :)