all the same to me

had sushi with my friends and it was delicious! ahhh i've been sushi-deprived ever since school let out and winter vacation started (err...i mean, "life vacation". i don't even know what this is anymore. "the rest of my life" is more accurate, i guess). it was much needed. i hadn't seen them in a few weeks (or anyone, really) and missed them. plus, i was starting to get anxious staying at home.

and bored.
really bored.

i haven't even seen my high school friends yet (sad) and school starts soon, so that reunion needs to happen, like, now.

in the mean time, i've been keeping myself occupied and have projects to work on (i.e. project 365, as mentioned a couple of posts ago. i have 3 so far. still need 5 to catch up, but i'm picky with my photos and am lacking inspiration at the moment). will post them soon, promise!

and now for my outfit...

details: blue and white striped button down shirt (tommy hilfiger, have had it since high school), shorts (lux, urban outfitters), black patent flats (charlotte russe), headband (target), vintage pearls (imyourpresent, etsy)

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