all the same to me

had sushi with my friends and it was delicious! ahhh i've been sushi-deprived ever since school let out and winter vacation started (err...i mean, "life vacation". i don't even know what this is anymore. "the rest of my life" is more accurate, i guess). it was much needed. i hadn't seen them in a few weeks (or anyone, really) and missed them. plus, i was starting to get anxious staying at home.

and bored.
really bored.

i haven't even seen my high school friends yet (sad) and school starts soon, so that reunion needs to happen, like, now.

in the mean time, i've been keeping myself occupied and have projects to work on (i.e. project 365, as mentioned a couple of posts ago. i have 3 so far. still need 5 to catch up, but i'm picky with my photos and am lacking inspiration at the moment). will post them soon, promise!

and now for my outfit...

details: blue and white striped button down shirt (tommy hilfiger, have had it since high school), shorts (lux, urban outfitters), black patent flats (charlotte russe), headband (target), vintage pearls (imyourpresent, etsy)

don't forget to enter the current
(if you haven't already, of course!) :)


Chasing Cherries said...

Cute pictures!! Love the shorts!

Ebony said...

Love how you matched the headband & necklace :)
My my, you have fantastic legs! Those shorts really show them off well. Cute outfit!

Belen said...

what a pretty filipina!
and i'm jealous you can pull off those shorts!
one day i wanna work those types of shorts!
i haven't worn anything besides jeans or jean shorts in a long time.

Caitlin said...

Cuuuuute! I miss my high school friends, too, but I don't get to see any of them :-(

BaldyLocks said...

Love, the outfit, but I especially love your hair! Beauuuuutiful, I really wish my hair like that.

thesydneygirl said...

i don't know anyone else who has watched being erica either!!! i've watched the whole 2 seasons. i really do hope they create a season 3! i love the story line - and erica, her character is amazing. one of my favourite shows~!!!!!

anddd your name is erica! how cool ! :D

love your outfit girl!! you're gorgeous <3


thesydneygirl said...

p.s. love the banner you did for valencia :)

Anna G said...

I'm jealous; you get to wear shorts in January. Lovely pictures.

eliii said...

Yes we need to have our reunion soon! I still have two weeks left, but I don't know about Priscilla.

AudreyAllure said...

really cute outfit!

love your blog! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

Valencia Lia said...

Erica !!!!

Ahhhh,I missed you a whole lot! Ohhh no,I've been behind on your posts here.Sooooo sorry:( Guess you know the reason why urghhhh.

This is going to be a lonnnngggg comment as I am going to reply to all your comments here! heeee Hope you don't mind.

Woooo,I love this outfit here! Did you do something or curl your hair?? They look different but surely so gorgeous!

The button down shirt with the shorts are perfect and the pearls go so nicely too<3

Re:The carousel ring doesn't spin:( Heeee But if it did,I would just wear the ring to death evey SINGLE day! haaahaha
Ohhhh,psssst! On my hair,I used to trim them about every 2 months. But its been like 6months since I last cut/trim my hair. heeee I just can't bear to let any hair go.

But my hair now took about a year to really grow out I guess. Don't worry though,my hair grows really slow. Can't wait to see you in your super uber long hair<3

How I did my recent braid is that I side braid my hair and just put it across my head and pin it down. And ta-da its done:) But let me know if you need any help.

Ohhhh I feel you should just go all out with any fashion job openings that come your way. The place may be alittle far but I think you should do try it out:)

Yeaaaa,I'm really wishing I do get my dream job! Ahhhhhhh just can't wait to leave my current job heeee.

Yessss,I still a little allergic to prawns though. heeee Ohhhh and yours is apples and cherries?? Ahhhh I would be really sad as I love to eat them both.

I guess turning 20 is not going to be a huge deal after all. ahahaha Time is passing too fast.
Surely planning my next tattoo already,I might be doing my 2nd one in March. EXCITING~