amour aime aimer amour

i know i said i didn't have any resolutions for this year, but i am taking on a couple of challenges for 2010. besides the 'project 365' that i mentioned in earlier posts, i'm going to do that reading challenge where you read 100 books in a year.

so...365 photos and 100 books in 365 days.
i'm pretty sure i just found ways to keep myself occupied this year.

project 365 photos in the next post! i think i'll post them weekly? not sure yet.

also, does anyone know of any other challenges that are worth doing? i'd like to know about more but am not sure of how to go about searching from some. thanks! :)

details: red beret (leosroar, etsy), black scoopneck t-shirt (juicy couture), gray cardigan (gap), blue plaid pleated mini-skirt (american eagle), black leggings (f21), brown boots (gojane)

also, the title translated: "love loves to love love"