yes, i painted my nails to look like candy canes

and just like that, christmas is over. how did everyone's holiday go? good, i hope. one of my favorite gifts was the uglydoll my sister got for me (the icebat). haha! ugly things need love too, you know. ;]

we did the usual presents and family dinner thing. i was in charge of the dessert + appetizer. i made spinach artichoke dip and gingerbread cupcakes from scratch, and they turned out really good!

i used this recipe here for the cupcakes and topped them with cream cheese frosting and these cute edible cupcake toppers my mom got me.

after dinner, we went to this one neighborhood that goes all out with the christmas decorations--and i mean the WHOLE neighborhood (except for a house or two). we're talking about lights strung across the street, a live band, giant candy canes, and everything in between. it's amazing. i'm just sad that i didn't get a picture of the house with all the penguins. boo.

christmas day outfit
details: gray bow sweater (target, from the little girls' section, haha! $12, yay!), pink houndstooth skirt (paul & joe for target), black crochet tights (betsey johnson), black mary janes (nine west), pink santa hat (made by me)

oh, and my candy cane nails!
i hope everyone had an amazing holiday (or just an amazing day, if you don't celebrate christmas!).

♥ erica


Lauren said...

those cupcakes look amazing! excellent job.

katrina said...

your xmas day outfit is super cute. love the pink/white houndstooth and candy striped nails. festive and definitely fun, too.

Jacque said...

What a lovely christmas! Your nails are adorable!! I love your cute cupcakes too! They look really yummy!

Valencia Lia said...

Love love the Uglydoll,and you look so beautiful too Erica!!

I love love your bow sweater and those tights. Girl,you're really good at making cupcakes too. They look sooooo yummy!

Re:Yeahhh,I was really excited when I got the news for the calendar too! So happy and thanks for your well wishes. I'm feeling better already<33333


Meg said...

Oh my gosh, you are too cute! Love your nails. I'm not even remotely skilled enough to be able to do that myself, or I totally would! Glad you had a great holiday -- I enjoyed mine, too, even if now it's incredibly hard to get back in the swing of things!