i'm DONE!

with school! forever! forevaaaahhhhhh.
and it feels great.

sorry i haven't blogged in a while. i was busy finishing up projects/papers/exams/etc., but all the busy-ness was worth it. i'm officially done with college.

...but now what?
ehhh. i'm not so sure, but whatever. hopefully more consistent blogging + productivity of sorts. i'll figure it out.

i can't wait for christmas! i gave a couple of my friends their gifts already and i was so excited because i worked really hard on them...but i can't blog about it just yet because i'm making more for my other friends and i can't risk having them see it on here! ack. so i'll write about that after christmas.

i saw mary poppins (the stage musical) @ the ahmanson theatre last saturday with my family and it was SO CUTE! i really loved it. the costumes + sets were so pretty and the actors were super talented. musicals are fun, and they're also a great opportunity to dress up a little, haha. now if only i could spell supercalifragihhhh.....yeah. i can't. nevermind.

and now the outfit post: me AND my sister! here are our outfits from mary poppins.

me (left): indigo silk blouse (kensiegirl), high-waisted rose peplum skirt (f21), gray tights (f21), black patent boots (mudd), belt (f21)

my sister (right): gray beret (made by our grandma! :) ), purple tunic (f21), leggings (f21), boots (by bamboo, from gojane), belt (express)

also, my friend kelsey visited from seattle. yay! we had lunch a couple of times and she taught me and yan how to knit. haha. we're cool like that. it was good to see her again. we should have taken more pictures but we suck at that.

we also saw 'the princess and the frog' with our friend andy, and i really liked it. disney needs more 2d princess movies, i think. ;]

♥ erica