holiday recovery

oy. i consumed a lot of food the past few days, and now i'm suffering from some post-christmas bloating and general feelings of fatness. you know what i mean.

mimosas + spinach dip + those gingerbread cupcakes i made + spinach/rice casserole + ribs + chinese food...not to mention all the leftovers i've been eating after christmas! but holidays are for eating, right?

this outfit is from earlier this week actually, before christmas. makes me feel like an ice skater. my family went out to dinner to celebrate my parents' 30th anniversary. 30 years! crazy amazing.

details: headband (f21), magenta scoopneck bubble dress (f21), white tights with silver pinstripes (betsey johnson), black mary janes (nine west), black motorcycle jacket (sashimi)

so sad that i missed my high school friends' annual procrastinators' christmas party (it takes place the day after christmas every year)! that's the thing that sucks about your parents moving after you graduate high school. all my high school friends are back home in palmdale while my new home is 40 minutes away. it would've been nice to see all of them again.

also, i finally watched '500 days of summer' and i really liked it! ahhh joseph gordon-levitt. he's such a cutie.

♥ erica