(picture stolen from my dad's camera)

went to las vegas with the family last weekend. fun! i played the slots for the first time since i've turned 21. i won $50 on my first try, so that was pretty cool even if it wasn't that big of a win.

but whatever. i was happy.
i ended up losing another $12 or so after that, so i stopped. apparently my beginner's luck had disappeared.

the rest of the weekend was primarily spent shopping. and eating.
and holding hands with giant uglydolls at fao schwartz.

i have tons of outfits i need to post, but school has made me busy again ahhh!! i will get around to it soon.

♥ erica


Toothfairy said...

waaahhh... Vegas... I miss the place! I wanna see the new clothes! spotted the juicy and victoria bag... I wish we had victoria's secret here... :(

love your bangs!

Have a great week ahead, erica!

Meg said...

Too fun -- I love Vegas! We went there for my 20th birthday, which was awesome... except I still couldn't gamble! haha. In hindsight, probably a strange idea. I haven't really gambled at all since I turned 21... and it's been three years!

Glad you had a good time! Vacations complete with family, eating and shopping are the best :)

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhhh my!! I'm so so behind with your posts! heeee sorry,the weekend and office internet drama urghhhh!

But its all well now:) yayyyyy! Woohooo,you won $50! Its still money. heeeee Ohhhh,looks like you got quite a lot of shopping done! Can't wait to see what you've bought!

And I wanna hold hands with the uglydoll toooo !

Yeaaa,do a site up to sell your clothes tooo! I actually cannot part with alot of clothes in my wardrobe ahahah weird me! heeee But I can't wait to see your site up as well.

I'm so so ready for Christmas! It will be a busy time shopping for gifts early next month! Ahhhhhhh,my list is getting longer and longer.

Don't give up on all your accessories! Yeahhh,work sometimes is rush in the mornings and I tend to dress down at times. But that is why I always wake up much early to prep myself.
my mom always thinks i'm mad taking so long to prep to head out haaahaha

I wanna have a raincoat toooo! With my AA scraps,I wanna make a bow headband and also a braided belt! And make some accessories and necklaces too!

My nail colors are always so weird! I've changed it already,its mustard yellow and one nail in orange !

Love you lotsssssss ! oops such a long comment!