turkey-free turkey day

oh god.
i ate too much.
i am so sure.

...but it was totally worth it. honestly. i'll admit it.

of course now i'm feeling extra lazy/bloated...but it's a good feeling.

it's great to see the whole family and eat! that's what good holidays are supposed to consist of: family and food. yes/yes?

me, my sister, and cousins

and now, my thanksgiving outfit + more thanksgiving pictures!

details: plaid dress (kensiegirl), gray belt and gray tights (f21), black satin flats (nanette lepore for keds)

my family just doesn't do turkey. we're more of a honeybaked ham kind of family.

mom and ham

and rice, naturally. we're filipino so thanksgiving always ends up being a mish-mash of filipino and american food. weird, but it works.


my giant cupcake turned out AWESOME. well, it did the second time i tried it. good thing i had 2 boxes of red velvet cake mix. i neglected to use the nonstick cooking spray the first time around, so the result was pretty...disastrous. me, my sister, and my cousin alyssa kept picking pieces off and eating it throughout the day anyway.

...but that's okay! the second one was beautiful. see for yourself:

told ya so. is that food network-worthy or what?

too bad i have homework this weekend. so much for recovery.

♥ erica


Moniqué said...

omg that cupcake looks good, not a big fan of chocolate sponge but i will eat that one lol.
i hope you had fun with your family.. x

Carmen said...

Wow those giant cupcakes look amazing, I want one.

I love your dress, you look so cute in it.


Belen said...

HAHA you're a true filipina too! :) we had turkey, yes, but we definitely are a honeybaked ham family as well. turkey's just not as good cuz it's so dry!

Caitlin said...

UHM! All that stuff looks SO GOOD! And I am so glad the cupcake turned out! hehe

Valencia Lia said...

Ericaaaa !!

It does surely seems like you had the perfect Thanksgiving celebration:) Beautiful cupcake and its red velvet ?? Ohhhh gosh,you just combined the 2 most favorite things of mine to have in a cake!

And so sorry,I didn't know that you were a filipino. Ahhhh,how could I not have known? I adore filipino food so much! Great work on your cupcake.
Its okay if there's no turkey,the ham looks yummy too.

Beautiful plaid dress you wore tooo. you look so stunning!

my brunch was really yummy and I do really love to eat good food. It makes you happy:)
All the best with your projects and exams!! you'll do awesome! Don't worry,your well deserved break is very soonnnnn<3

And I do love the blazer I swapped with Yiqin. So that's why i'm such a huge fan of swaps. I think Chinatown over at your side will have the mango ice!

Ohhh,when I go to trim my hair. I'm always super careful at looking how the stylist cuts my hair. Because you know,some of them do get carried away at times.

Awwww,I know a maxi dress will look so gorgeous on you!
I sometimes really do forget to take food photos. When I see the food,I will dig in straight away!

big hugssssss love you!

Fashion Nicotine said...

Haha exactly! Looks gorgeous!!