so you say

school's almost over (for good!).
just a few weeks left. this week was my last *full* week of classes and i didn't even realize it for the longest time! ahhhhh.

now all i have left are finals, final projects, and a freakishly long paper (good thing it's a group project) for my market research class.

let's just say i didn't realize how hard it would be to round up 50 people and convince them to do blind taste tests with soda. not fun. i mean, i wasn't even prepared for the rejection (and we were offering candy!!!). whatever. we got the 50 people. now we just need to run a bunch of statistical analyses and blah blah blah. all that (not so) fun stuff.

okay. less blabbing, more outfit-ing.

details: bow necklace made by me (sweetsandhearts), yellow v-neck sweater (f21), skirt (anna sui for target), brown boots (gojane)

umm...i am SO looking forward to thanksgiving (even if i'll be doing homework that weekend! i'll make time for all the food and family bonding, of course).

and also...BLACK FRIDAY. not that i ever buy much. usually just cheap dvd sets. but still. very exciting.

♥ erica